Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR Initiatives

To hand off our planet to the next generation

Today, we, the human race, are facing an unprecedented environmental crisis. As a result of pursuing material wealth and economical growth relentlessly, radical climate change has caused water shortages, sea level rise, flooding, storms, and so on. Rapid globalization has expanded income differentials, and regional and ideological conflicts are escalating around the world. As social issues have become more complex and diverse, we believe that there is a strong need for transboundary cooperation than ever.

By all means, we are committing to involve more people and lead social movements to hand off our beautiful planet to the next generation.

What we do for our planet


Providing opportunities to solve social issues

Through our program, we provide opportunities for individuals to work on solving social issues on the frontline, aiming to inspire more people to be influential social activists. 

Case studies
  • An internship program at an organization working to solve youth employment issues in South Africa
  • A project to save farmers affected by climate change in Indonesia
  • A program to have a dialogue over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with both parties concerned.


Donating for social good

As a company, we have donated a part of our profits to individuals/organizations that are making positive impacts on our society. You can find the latest updates here.

Case studies.
  • As a corporate member of WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) Japan, we supported and assisted environmental conservation activities from February 1, 2020, to January 31, 2023. 
  • To support a farmer in Bali, Indonesia, we donated a biogas digester.
  • Through our programs in Israel, we have donated a part of our profit to the Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC). 


Executing social movement

We lead social movements that motivate people to take action. Through the implementation of campaigns and events, we propose actionable initiatives to create a sustainable society. 

Case studies
  • Tiger Fest: a festival to raise awareness of environmental issues and wildlife protection
  • "Cleaning Up the Earth! No More Littering!" - a campaign to encourage garbage-picking and stop littering.