For Individuals

The world is your oyster! On a global scale, we offer a wide range of development programs both online and offline to assist individuals in overcoming life-changing challenges.

What we offer


A wide range of developmental opportunities

We provide internships and training programs in over 600 countries, with a variety of themes and a wide range of opportunities to get inspired and make a social impact. All age groups and nationalities are welcome to participate in our individual plan.


Train your mental toughness

In addition to gaining new skills and knowledge, challenging yourself abroad also allows you to broaden your perspective and develop your mental strength.


Community to build a better future

Anyone who participated in a Tiger Mov program can be a part of the community! This is the place where you can share your thoughts, experience, interests, and passion. The journey continues even after the program, and as you grow, our community grows with you!

Our Services

Internships abroad

We've provided over 7,200 people (as of June 2022), primarily university students but also including high school students and young professionals, with internship opportunities abroad.
Our internship program offers a wide range of options, from market development to tackling social issues with social entrepreneurs.

Overseas bootcamp programs

We offer a wide range of short-term intensive training programs abroad. Through our program, the participants jump into the frontline of each field, meet the locals, and immerse themselves in the culture. Cooperating with our local partners in each country, we provide an experience that cannot be delivered in a normal tour package and offer "learning by doing" opportunities for our users through the program. This tour is more than an sightseeing; it is a chance for every participant to learn and grow.

Challenge the world from home! - Our online services -

We live in an age where we can reach out to the other side of the world even from our homes! Our online programs offer flexibility and variety, providing "learning by doing" opportunities for all ages. The programs are designed for online environments, where participants can contribute and demonstrate what they have learned.

Online internships and pro bono abroad

You can jump into opportunities overseas without crossing borders! Work on real-life social problems abroad from your home. Our internships and pro bono programs connect you with social entrepreneurs or NPOs in different countries and allows you to make a change for the better.

Short-term online camps

You can learn about problems in different countries and fields, meet experts and locals, and demonstrate solutions through our intensive online camp program. There is a mentor in each program who guides and supports participants.

Online programs for kids

Kids can also learn and grow online! Our kids' programs are mainly for toddlers and primary school students. In our program, children can see the world and act on their curiosity. Contents are designed to entertain both children and parents.

Online events

Meet social entrepreneurs, global leaders, and top talents in different fields. We provide a space to learn and discuss with a diverse group of participants and get connected online. Each event is designed to provoke actions rather than just sharing knowledge.

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