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What we offer

We provide educational institutions with practical learning opportunities, both online and offline, on a global scale. From kindergarten to university, we offer a wide range of programs that let students explore their curiosity and face real-world problems. Our educational contents are designed to motivate students to learn deeply and take action.

Our curriculum corresponds to the increasing demand for inquiry-based learning, active learning, and problem-based learning. In addition, our internship programs play an imperative role in helping university students build a solid foundation for their career paths before graduation.

Since its establishment, our company has provided practical learning opportunities for people of all ages, letting them frame the problem and take action to solve it proactively.

To develop each student's curiosity, it is critical to offer opportunities to get out of the classroom and work on a real-world problem. We encourage them to think outside the box, to follow their passion, and to go beyond the boundaries. We believe that by having a growth mindset and being independent, students can survive uncertainty and design their own path.

As of June 2022, our services are deployed by more than 50 educational institutions and approximately 4,500 students have learned through our programs.

Our Services

Practical inquiry-based learning

Both online and offline, we offer a learner-centric educational program on a global scale with a variety of themes. Through our program, students can learn from the pioneers in each field, face real-world problems, and take action to solve them. Our services have assisted many students to enter the university of their first choice and also resulted in producing teenage entrepreneurs.

Global career development programs

We take pride in providing a first-class experience to learn global leadership practically. We have created internship programs by collaborating with over 600 companies worldwide and have built up a strong network among entrepreneurs and great business leaders. With our partnerships, we guide each student to be the best version of themselves.

Internships abroad

As of March 2021, Tiger Mov has provided more than 350 internship programs in 46 countries and supported more than 2,800 interns. We believe that internships abroad are the best practical learning opportunities which can be a life-changing opportunity. Each program is tailored to the participant's needs and interests.

Our online internship programs allow students to work globally but more casually. They can access real-world problems in other countries from home and build the foundation of their career from there.

School excursions/ Overseas bootcamp programs

We create tailor-made overseas boot camps or excursions based on each school's policies and philosophies. In order to provide students with the best learning experience, we take responsibility from orientation to follow-up sessions. Our programs cover a wide range of themes and countries, and we offer appropriate technology such as AR depending on students' needs.

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