Tiger Mov

Tiger Mov, Inc. is a Japanese education startup founded in 2016. Our mission is to produce next generation leaders, who are the ones making changes for a better future. We do this by providing life-changing opportunities on a global scale. Combined with building a community of people with purpose, we aim to unlock people's potential to reach their best selves.


Producing the leaders of the next generation

In order to assist aspiring young talents in reaching their potential and creating a better future, we provide global scale development opportunities.


We envision a world where everyone can achieve their potential and share a sustainable ecosystem with the future generation.

In terms of building a better future, we want the world to be filled with passion, bravery, and aspiration.

Tomorrow's world is made of our thoughts and actions today.

We believe that by unlocking each individual's potential to seek their purpose, we can create a better life for each other and a better future for all.

We'd like to see a better world and pass it on to our descendants. A world, where anyone can pursue their dreams and cooperate with others to overcome challenges regardless of background.

We'd like to fuel young people's passion by providing opportunities to see the world, learn what's going on, and find the meaning of life.

We believe that if those who have a sparkle in their eyes can gather and support each other, we can make a big change for the better.

Our aim is to create a social impact to build a better future by producing next-generation leaders.



We adopted "Learning by Doing" as our concept.

As a result of globalization and technological advances, our world is undergoing rapid changes and uncertainty. The power of the individual has been amplified, and uniqueness and diversity are appreciated more than ever. Learning through practical experience is crucial to survival in the VUCA era and also for finding your purpose in life.

We'll continue providing opportunities for practical learning for the next generation of leaders.

*Learning by doing refers to a theory of education. This theory has been expounded by American philosopher John Dewey and Brazilian educator Paulo Freire.


  • Company Name
    Tiger Mov, Inc.
  • Establishment
    April 2016
  • Location
    A YOTSUYA 6NE/2,2-8 Yotsuyahonshiocho Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo 160-0003 Japan
  • CEO
    Eriko Kikuchi
  • COO
    Kandai Nakamura
  • Advisor
    Kei Kodera, Yasushi Akashi
  • Business contents
    • Providing online/offline overseas internships and educational programs
    • Managing the Tiger Mov community, an ecosystem for creating the future for the next century
    • Planning, implementation, and consulting of curriculum and classes for educational institutions
    • Planning, implementation, and consulting for corporate training programs
    • Supporting customer acquisition
    • Recruiting support for global human resources
  • Licenses and Registrations
    Travel Agency Registration Travel Agency Type 3 No.8075, registered with the Governor of Tokyo
    Private employment service 13-Yu-308926