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Safety and Security

Our commitment is to secure the physical and psychological safety of our users.

We thank not only our customers but also the parents and companies who support their children or employees to go overseas and participate in our programs.

With gratitude for your trust and support, we'd like to share our safety policy here.

Physical and psychological safety are the top priorities of our business at Tiger Mov. We cooperate with our community, global partners, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, local embassies, and companies specializing in overseas risk management.

To ensure psychological safety, our customer support team makes sure to provide relevant support promptly to each user. We also connect users through our community to make a sense of belonging and let them support each other. By working closely with the companies accepting the interns, we ensure that the companies are welcoming and committing to supporting the interns for their growth.

Having partnered with a risk management company, we share safety and risk management information and provide 24/7 emergency support to ensure physical safety.

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You can find the details of our 24/7 support here.

Using the travel risk information provided by the embassies of each country, we evaluate the advisability of sending users overseas. As a result, we have been operating without any major accidents so far since the beginning of our business.

Thank you so much for everyone who trusts us and supports our business and philosophy.

As we continue to improve our services, we will ensure safety and risk management. We commit to providing life-changing opportunities and unforgettable experiences for all our users.